Dental Fluoride Treatment for Stronger, Healthier Teeth

Minerals like calcium, phosphate, and fluoride are key to keeping teeth strong and resilient against breakage and decay. Arise Dental provides fluoride treatments to help replenish the minerals in your teeth that are lost on a daily basis, which prevents enamel weakening and decay.

Our Fluoride Treatment Options

  • Topical Applications–Fluoride varnishes, gels, and foams can supply fluoride to the teeth in concentrations only available from your dentist. These applications can be administered via brush or mouthguard.
  • Rinses–Over-the-counter mouthwashes are not as potent as our rinses when it comes to fluoride content.
  • Dental Prescription Fluoride–Provided in liquid or tablet form, these prescription-only fluoride supplements can significantly improve your dental health.

What You Should Know about Fluoride Treatments

Please refrain from eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes prior to your treatment to prime teeth for fluoride absorption. We recommend fluoride treatments in 3, 6, or 12-month intervals, based on the condition of your dental health.