How Can Dental Bridges Help?

Dental bridges fill in gaps of missing teeth and provide support to surrounding teeth and dental structures. They are comprised of two dental caps placed on either side of a gap, and a bridge of false teeth or “pontics” to fill in the space between.

Our Dental Bridge Services

We offer three types of dental bridges to choose from, based on your condition and budget. Bridges can be constructed from a combination of gold, steel, zirconia, and alumina. See below for more information.

  • Traditional Bridges–These bridges are the most commonly available type. They include two “abutment” or supporting teeth, and one or more pontic teeth. Traditional bridges provide a natural look and their porcelain-fused-metal material gives them maximum strength.
  • Maryland-Bonded Bridges–Built from resin/plastic teeth, these bridges are secured to existing abutment teeth with supporting structures called “flanges.”
  • Cantilever Bridges–When just one abutment tooth is present, these bridges will be utilized.

Bridges for a Fuller Smile

If you suffer from gaps and missing teeth, bridges can help you achieve a fuller smile and support your mouth. Arise Dental offers a variety of bridge materials to meet your needs and budget.