Replenish Your Smile with Dental Crowns

A healthy, beautiful smile is an asset in today’s world for a number of reasons. But what can you do if tooth damage is preventing you from having the smile you want? Dental crowns, or “caps,” could be the solution for you. Crowns prevent further decay, fill in gaps, and improve the overall look, feel, and function of your smile. At Arise Dental, we can adapt this type of restoration to fit virtually any dental condition or budget.

Crown procedure

The Dental Crowns We Offer

Our dentist, Dr. Smith provides the following types of crowns to meet your needs and budget:

  • Porcelain–A popular option, this type of crown combines the durability of its underlying metal cap with a natural appearance. Keep in mind that the porcelain can chip along the gumline to reveal the metal underneath.
  • Ceramic–With the choice of a metal-fused or all-ceramic option, this crown also blends with the natural color of teeth. The ceramic crown is not as durable as its porcelain cousin, so it’s most often used on front teeth.
  • Metal–Favoring function over form, the metal crown is among the strongest types of crowns for long-term use, but it does not blend with the natural color of teeth.
  • Resin–This type of crown can provide a natural appearance at a low cost, but it’s prone to wear and tear.

Two-Hour Crowns

Sometimes, making time for multiple appointments to have a crown placed just isn’t an option. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our patients the option of receiving a crown in just two hours.

Our office uses CEREC technology to create beautiful crowns right here on site, without the need for multiple visits.
Two-hour crowns are an ideal solution for patients who need to save time. They also allow us to treat many dental emergencies quickly and efficiently. If you have been putting off getting a crown because of the time commitment involved, two-hour crowns allow you to receive the treatment you need quickly and affordably. Be sure to ask about two-hour crowns the next time you’re in for an appointment.

Crowns Restore Your Smile

Worried about your damaged, discolored teeth? Crowns can help by filling in gaps and stopping further decay. The result is a healthier, more beautiful smile you can show with confidence.