How Dental Filling Can Serve You

Dental cavities are a common dental complaint that we can treat quite easily at Arise Dental with options like dental fillings. If you have one or more cavities, do your best to seek immediate treatment. Delay, and your cavities could develop into worse and more widespread decay and pain. Fillings are a proven solution to preventing further decay.

Dental Fillings: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Considering fillings? The information below will help you understand the cost and maintenance needs associated with each type of filling we offer. In addition to the following pros and cons, please also remember that each type of filling may require re-treatment or re-application in the years following your initial treatment. Fillings may also cause tooth sensitivity.

• Durability–Looks and strength don’t always go hand in hand when it comes to fillings. More obvious-looking fillings can last up to ten years, while those that blend with teeth can last up to five years.
• Cost–Filling material and procedure costs vary, so be sure to inquire with us to make sure you know the fees involved with the type of filling you choose.
• Appearance–Fillings also vary in their aesthetic value because some types blend with the color of the teeth more seamlessly than others.

Fillings Protect Your Teeth

Fillings give you an excellent, proven solution for preventing tooth decay. They may cause sensitivity and require re-treatment or reapplication in the years following your first procedure.