Digital X-Rays for Greater Patient Care

By replacing traditional x-rays with digital x-rays, we improve the care we provide you. It’s one of the major ways we keep up-to-date on the best dental technology and techniques to serve you better.

How do digital x-rays help Arise Dental patients?

Why is this such a big deal for Arise Dental and our patients? For starters, digital dental x-rays offer:

  • More Accurate Images–Digital x-rays provide a clearer, closer look at every angle of your mouth. This means we can detect oral health issues faster and easier, and treat them sooner.
  • Greater Safety and Convenience–We keep improved images on file at all times, and take them more efficiently than with traditional x-rays. The result? You invest less time and money in dental care. You also avoid potentially painful dental problems and invasive treatments.
  • Better Treatment–Not only do digital x-rays lead to more accurate disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment, but it’s also a healthier process. You’ll be exposed to 70-80% less radiation – especially important for those who are pregnant or ill.

Your Oral Health is Our Priority

By offering you digital x-rays, Arise Dental improves your dental care. We detect, diagnose, and treat your oral health conditions better and faster.