Our Dental Cleaning Service

Our experienced, thorough, and attentive dental hygienists make a huge impact on your dental health. Not only do our hygienists – and the entire team – pride ourselves on an excellent bedside manner and quality care, but we also strive to empower you. You’ll leave each cleaning with a rejuvenated smile and the information you need to maintain good dental health techniques and habits, long term.

Why Should I Visit Regularly for Dental Cleanings?

Why isn’t brushing twice a day and flossing nightly enough to protect your dental health? No matter how well you care for your teeth, irregularities in the alignment and spacing of your teeth can make it difficult to clean teeth and gums as thoroughly as you need to on your own. As a result, plaque can accumulate in your mouth and develop into tartar. Tartar build-up leads to cavities and eventually gum disease over time, and a toothbrush and floss alone aren’t enough to remove it. This is why regular cleanings are so important to your dental health.

The professional care we provide you during cleanings at Arise Dental keeps decay and gum disease at bay — if maintained on at least a six month basis, as recommended by the American Dental Association. If gum disease or other conditions are present, or you’ve missed a few cleanings, Dr. Smith and staff may discuss more frequent cleanings with you.

Our Dental Cleaning Process

Step 1: Ultrasonic Cleaning. We typically begin our cleanings with tartar removal. This starts with an ultrasonic instrument whose familiar “whistling” sound you’ll probably recognize. We combine this instrument with a water rinse which flushes tartar away and keeps the mouth at the proper temperature.

Step 2: Residual Tartar Clean Up. To remove leftover tartar residue from the mouth, your hygienist will use a fine hand-held instrument to dislodge small tartar deposits from the surface of teeth and below the gumline.

Step 3: Polishing. When your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, your hygienist will polish your teeth with a small, rubber-headed device and refreshing gritty paste. You’ll enjoy the look and feel of smoother teeth and a rejuvenated mouth.

Step 4: Home Care Protocol. Of course, your dental care doesn’t begin and end at the dentist. So, we’ll recommend steps you can take to improve your home care routine.

Is it time to schedule your next cleaning? Call Arise Dental to schedule an appointment. It’s never too late for better dental health and a more beautiful smile.

Let’s Connect

Dr. Smith and the staff at Arise Dental would be honored to be your partners for a lifetime of good dental health. We are well-equipped with the knowledge, procedures, and technology to address whatever condition you may have, and give you quality preventive care. Feel free to call us to book an appointment or visit us during office hours.