Smile Gallery

At Arise Dental, we offer beautiful smile transformations. See for yourself the results we have achieved on real Arise Dental patients.

Beforeafter Maria

Maria – Smile Makeover

Maria had several areas of infection and pain along with broken teeth and large gaps. The Arise team was able to give her a beautiful, balanced smile with porcelain crowns and a fixed bridge. Additionally, bonded composites and implant placement were used.

Beforeafter suni

Supi – Smile Makeover

Supi needed a smile upgrade. She was always self-conscious of what she considered her “fangs.” The Arise team was able to straighten and beautify Supi’s smile in only 6 short months.

lakeesha beforelakeesha after

Lakeesha – Smile Makeover

Lakeesha had broken teeth, infection and pain. The Doctor was able to quickly restore her smile to health again by using a combination of oral surgery, bonded composites and a partial denture. Her confidence was vastly improved, almost overnight!

jerry beforejerry after

Jerry – Smile Makeover

Jerry had worn down his lower front teeth almost to the nerve chamber. The Doctor was able to protect, correct and restore Jerry’s bite with hand-placed and contoured bonded composite material. This was all achieved during a single appointment

carmen beforecarmen after

Carmen – Smile Makeover

Carmen was in need of a smile makeover. Carmen had always had a large gap between her two front teeth. Her front teeth were also broken and had been worn-down over time. She wanted a younger, repaired smile. Porcelain crowns were placed to close space, whiten and broaden Carmen’s smile.

Allie beforeAllie after

Allie – Smile Makeover

For years, Allie had been unhappy with her smile. She felt her teeth were too small, crowded, and uneven. After five months of treatment, the Doctor placed porcelain veneers and crowns to renew Allie’s smile​.

Jack beforeJack after

Jack – Smile Makeover

Jack had originally broken this tooth playing rugby. The Arise team was able to put him back together in one simple visit using bonded hybrid composites and some cosmetic artistry. One of the first things he did was send a quick picture to his girlfriend!