Don’t Let Missing Teeth Interfere with Your Life

Tips for restoring your smile from Dr. Curtis West

When you bite down into your favorite foods, do you find it painful or otherwise difficult to chew? Do you feel self-conscious about missing teeth that make your smile less attractive than it could be? Does your jaw ache?

The good news is, all of these issues are treatable with dental implants. Depending on your unique dental needs, implants can help replenish your smile and eat more freely.

Restoring Missing Teeth
Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic concern. When left untreated, they can cause damage to remaining teeth and affect your bite, impairing your ability to chew properly. Dental implants fill in the gaps and support your mouth so you can chew better, with less pain.

What can you expect when you get dental implants?
Dental implants look like your natural teeth, so they’re great at attractively filling gaps in your smile. What’s more, they are excellent support structures that improve not only your teeth, but also the feel and function of your face and jaw. Patients find that their chewing, digestion and speech can get easier with implants.

Ready to enjoy the foods you love again and experience a more beautiful, functional smile? Contact us for an appointment so we can determine together whether dental implants are the right for you.

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